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Project Support Coordinator
Cincinnati, OH
1 Year
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Pay Rate: $21.00/hr - Bill Rate: $27.99/hr

Supports the customer hosting process, including drug product batch observations and business review meetings. This role will be responsible for greeting customers when they arrive, and help in navigating the site to where the batch observation/meeting will occur. Assists with all aspects of customer hosting as necessary. Responsible for a positive customer experience, accompanies the customer while they are on site. The individual will prepare/plan for upcoming customer visits, ensuring that they understand why a customer is coming on site, what they will want to observe, where they will need to go/when. When not assisting with the customer hosting process, this role will help with supporting projects in an administrative capacity (such as: locating and scanning batch records or packaging records, supporting the shipment request process, and any other support activities as requested).

Essential Tasks:
1. Assist in Customer Hosting. Represents the client while customers are on site.
2. Understand and prepare for upcoming client visits. Understands pertinent details of upcoming visit.
3. Locating/scanning documents as requested by internal project representatives.
4. Supports project work as requested by project representatives.
5. Maintains customer confidentiality (does not disclose confidential information).

Bachelor’s degree in science or related field.

2 years of experience in a relevant industry (pharmaceutical, manufacturing, development, etc.)
Previous experience in customer service strongly preferred.

Equivalent combinations of education, training, and relevant work experience may be considered.


• Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Mastery of English language.
• General business acumen and client service mindset.
• Professional demeanor.
• Ability to work independently.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite.
• Has a strong attention to detail and is able to make and meet commitments.
• Attention to details to fill out forms correctly, review documents and follow procedures.

Physical Requirements:
Position requires ambulatory skills and physical coordination sufficient to navigate to different locations at the site/campus. Expect to walk 10,000-15,000 steps per day. Ability to carry small medium weights for short distance (max 10lbs). Ability to stand and or sit for prolonged periods of time; visual acuity to use a keyboard, computer monitor and read materials for prolonged periods of time.
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