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Region/Country Marketing Mgmt Position
San Diego
6+ Months
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WW Infusion Specialty Disposables Platform is responsible for growing the global business reach of BD Alaris™ Infusion Pump Sets located in San Diego CA.

This team member will provide support for internal cross-functional teams and assist on multiple projects. The ideal candidate for this position is a highly motivated individual who thrives in an environment of creativity and accountability and is capable of performing at a high level across a wide array of assignments.

Under the leadership and direction of staff within the BD Alaris™ Infusion Pump Sets team, this position will offer the opportunity to gain experience by assisting in the execution of internal marketing initiatives and participation in other applicable projects.

The position will be expected to participate in data gathering and analysis, and daily meetings with team members. Specific assignments will be determined at the time of placement; however, the BD Alaris™ Infusion Pump Sets team works in both upstream and downstream projects that may include market research, competitive analysis, sales forecasting/market modeling, and product planning activities.

Essential Duties and Position Responsibilities
- Attend and participate in team meetings
- Prepare analyses
- Create reports and presentations for platform team
- Support new product development and other projects as needed

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